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May the games begin!

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Things have been jumping for a while at most of the local outdoor venues.  Indoor play at BGC wrapped up last month and Werner and Co. have been finalizing plans for summer play.  Everyone is watching the new construction at PNP and the courts are really close to completion.  We are keeping everything crossed for luck in hopes they will be ready by May 18.

There is a lot to tell you so I’m going to jump right in…

General Meeting:  There will be a club general meeting on Thursday, May 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Center in the South Event Room. We will get reacquainted and discuss plans and operations for the summer season.  Please join us!

Board Actions

The Board of Directors met on Thursday May 7.  Here is a summary of their activities from the meeting:

Guests & Vistor Policy: A policy has been a adopted to govern how we will handle non-member play in organized sessions at PNP.  In a nutshell, we have created a distinction between a guest and a visitor.  A guest is a friend or relative of a club member who is here for a temporary stay and will play in organized play no more than 5 times.  A visitor is a non-member who is not a guest.  Visitors are not permitted to play organized play but may be allowed to play Challenge Courts if they are invited to do so by a member.  We will no longer charge the $5 fee for non-member play, but all non-members must complete a release of liability/waiver.  A one-month Visitor Player ($25) membership has been created for persons who plan an extended stay in the area and wish to participate.  For further information, visit the BPC website and look for the Guest/Visitor Policy under the Play tab.

Summer Play Schedule:  A schedule of organized play was adopted.  This schedule will run until June 13, at which time it will be reassessed and modified as needed.  The schedule is available on SignUp Genius.  There is a link from the front page of the BPC website if you don’t have one saved from last year. There are three types of organized play: Round Robin, CoedMXR, and Challenge Court.  Round Robin play is the same as last year where players play up to 6 games in a rating and sex specific group with rotating partners.  Scores are maintained and can be used for skill level assessment purposes.  CoedMXR play combines ratings and sexes and play is in the round robin format.  No scores are maintained.  Challenge Court play remains unchanged.  A complete description of Round Robin and Challenge Court play is available under the Play tab on the BPC website. Sign ups are set to begin on May 11, depending on completion of the new courts at PNP.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

SUG rules changes:  SignUp Genius rules have been changed to comport with the Guest/Visitor policy.  Please read the rules page carefully (and don’t make the SUG Administrator school you.)  Non-member signups are no longer permitted.  BPC members must use the email address on their BPC membership.  If you need to update your BPC email, go to the BPC website under the Members tab and select Member Profile.  Log in and make any changes.  Be sure and let the SUG administrator know of the email address change or you won’t be able to sign up on SUG.  (The two systems are not integrated and changes on one do not affect the other.)

Simon Update:  Ron Bessling has taken on the task of coordinating use of Simon.   Court time has been set aside for use of Simon at PNP and members will be able to sign up for drill sessions.  There will be more info on this shortly as the process has not been completely hammered out.  Thank you Ron for taking this on!

Ratings Update:  The Courts Use Group is in the final preparation stages for getting the rating process up and running.  Players who wish to have a rating change will be able to sign up for a rating session.  Complete instructions, expectations, and guidelines will be posted on the BPC website under the Play tab.  Watch for an announcement when sign ups become available.

By law change:  In the process of preparing paperwork for a non-profit organization filing, we found that one section of our bylaws will have to be changed.  In the event of dissolution of a nonprofit organization IRS rules do not permit the distribution of assets to individuals.  The board approved amending Article VII, Section A by deleting the words “equally to all members in good standing at the time of dissolution,” and adding the words “to a non-profit organization selected by the board of directors.”  The paragraph as amended will read:


Section A. This Club may not be dissolved until all of its outstanding debts have been paid.  Upon dissolution, all assets and all property of the Club shall be liquidated and proceeds distributed to a non-profit organization selected by the board of directors.

This bylaw change will require a vote by the general membership thirty days from this notice.  The vote will be held at the General Meeting in June 2015.  The date, time, and location will be announced.

Volunteers Needed

Tournament Operations: Volunteers are needed for tournament operations for the Oregon Senior Games tournament.  There are still plenty of slots available, particularly in the afternoons.  We need lots of help to make this successful.  If you can do one or more 3 hour shifts, we need you!!  Sign up at (This link is also available from the BPC website, Tournaments tab, Upcoming Tournaments.

Captains: Captains are needed in all rating categories for summer play.  Captains are responsible for coordinating Round Robin and CoedMXR play.  Captains manage equipment, set up player rotation, manage play times, record scores, and other related duties.  We need lots of people to keep things rolling.  If you would like to be a captain, contact Perry Deutsch. (

Referees:  We need referees!  Irene Fraties is conducting two referee training classes:  May 18-19 and May 27-28. If you would like to become a referee, contact Irene Fraties. (

Tournament Logistics:  In addition to the operations volunteers needed for running the tournaments, volunteers are needed to do daily set-up and take down of the equipment for the tournament (pop-up shades, tables, PA system, etc.)  This group usually begins setup at 6:00am  and take down at 6:00pm.  The more help we have, the faster it goes.  If you can help with this, contact Les Scott. (

Courts Maintenance:  We owe Brian Firebaugh a big THANKS for keeping things going at PNP.  Brian has made it his mission to prep the PNP courts for pickleball play.  Although many of you don’t see it, Brian is at the courts early several days a week clearing the courts of debris.  He took care of the courts all winter, and he could use a little help to keep them up this summer, especially because the job is about to double in size.  Contact if you can give a few hours a week to help out. Your club will really appreciate it.


BPC Shirts: Christie Gestvang has a supply of BPC shirt available for sale.  She will have some at the general meeting on May 14.  If you want to be sure she has one on hand for you or arrange to get one at another time/place, contact Christie. (

Upcoming Tournaments:  OSG June 19-21:  Time is running out!  This tournament is just over a month away.  Get registered! USAPAPNWRBCRVBPT August 14-16: Over 300 registered!

Summit HS Fundraiser tournament, held April  18 at PNP:  Lisa Palcic sends out the following:

A BIG THANK YOU to all those that supported the Summit Boys High School Team This weekend by donating money to their team and playing in such a fun pickleball challenge format tournament event!  We had about 80 participants and had a great time playing with the Team!  They raised $1228!!!!!  WOW 🙂

Winners in each Level-

A Tie for 1st in the 4.0+ to 5.0 Level: Lee Moore-Les Scott and Lisa Palcic -Josh Cordell

3.0+-4.0- Level: Summit High School players Tomas Todd and Jonathan Wimberly

 2.5- 3.0 Level: Jody Blank and Tom Hart

Get your game in gear:  Lisa Palcic clinics and lessons.  See website, Clinics, Player Development for dates and info.

New Members:  We would like to welcome the following new members who have joined since April 9:  Berger Anderson, Lea Dailey, Frank Dailey, Nadine Dubrule, Tamera Florio, Ryan Fox, Toby Gewirtz, Cathie Groves, Mike Groves, Richard Hachten, Jeanine Hachten, Dorothy Holloway, Shannon Jakosky, Michael LeRoy, David Novak, Alistair Paterson, Timo Patokoski, Ronye Patokoski, Elaine Redman-LeRoy, Neil Rivenburg, Christopher Shaw, Michelle Wall, Robert Wall.

That’s it for now!  See you on the courts!!