Our season started on Monday, April 4th. Our playing season is now on a 12-month schedule. Court reservations are available for Club members up to 7 days in advance at 7:00am on CourtReserve. Many of you regularly played this last winter but had difficulties getting a court due to crowding. We will keep our reservation system running all year to help ensure you get a court at the times you want. The winter schedule begins on November 1, when reservation times will shift to 9:00am-3:00pm.

We have organized play and individual court reservations. The organized play includes round robins, skill level play, and challenge play. Currently, round robin play is limited to the 3.5 skill level only, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The round robin play will need captains. If no captain signs up, the session may need to be cancelled. For every match players are assigned to a court/partner, and everyone will need to stay for the entire session to ensure the matches can continue. The other skill levels will continue to have the skill level play format. We now have challenge play too. This type of play is not limited by skill level, any member can signup. See Types of Play for more information. There is flexibility in the schedule to modify the play format to meet each group’s needs, so this is not locked in stone. Finally, as last year, all of the non-organized play court time (7:00am – 2:00pm, Mon-Sat) will be by reservation.