Monday, April 3, 2023, marks our Season Opener. The earliest start time for our scheduled events in April is 10:00am; earliest start times then shift in May to 9:00am.

Individual court reservations are available for Club members up to 7 days in advance at 7:00am on CourtReserve. Scheduled event reservations are available 7 days in advance at 8:00am. The playing season is now on a 12-month schedule. We will keep our reservation system running all year to help ensure you get a court at the time you want.

Effective October 30, start time for round robins at Pine Nursery Park will be moved up to 10:00am (from 9:00am), and Club play on Courts 5-16 extends to 3:00pm (from 2:00pm). Round robins will be scheduled until November 22, 2023, now the official season close. This will be dependent upon having Captains and players still signing up. Court reservations are still available; please use CourtReserve to book. No RRs will be scheduled throughout the winter months; Courts 5-16 will be available to members 9:00am-3:00pm.