Teri Ehntholt

Teri Ehntholt

The President is responsible for overseeing all club operations. S/He is the primary contact with outside organizations, develops contracts as needed, manages community outreach and media contacts.

Before joining the Bend Pickleball Club, Teri was a registered nurse for 39 years and manager of her Upstate New York medical clinic for 32 years. The experience of working with both staff and patients for her entire career helped shape her into the leader she is today. She enjoys bringing people with a common interest together, providing effective communication, and being inclusive of all abilities.

Teri enjoys time with her family and friends, standup paddleboarding, hiking, horseback riding, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing. When she’s not playing pickleball you will find her flipping houses in Bend and enjoying her hobbies and grandkids.

Cynde Hargrave
Vice President | Director of Communications (interim)

Cynde Hargrave

The Director of Communications is responsible for dispersing all communications to Club members and external communication including website management, social media, and media communications.

Cynde's career was in marketing, market research, and environmental consulting. She moved to Bend from the Bay Area in 2014 while still doing some contract work. She became aware of pickleball while walking through Pine Nursery Park and striking up a conversation with then Club President Bill Brown. He encouraged her to join the Club and learn the game. She was hooked. Like many of us new to Bend, the Club has introduced Cynde to a community of new, like-minded friends. Her 3-year Board term is through June 30, 2024.
Susan Day
Secretary (interim)

Susan Day

The Secretary is responsible for issuing notifications and agendas for all Board and General Membership meetings, developing, and maintaining meeting minutes and records of Club business.

Susan moved from the valley to Bend in 2014 and has been playing pickleball since spring of 2011. The only thing keeping her off the pickleball court is her marriage of thirty plus years, travel, floating or kayaking the Deschutes, visiting her grandson, and her career.

Susan’s career started at 16 when she joined NIKE in Beaverton, OR, in Customer Service. She is still working as a Sr. Project Manager in Benefits for Providence St. Joseph Health.

Alane Harold

Alane Harrold

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial aspects of club operations including incoming money from tournaments, membership dues, fund-raising events, and for the payment of all bills. She works with the Club's accountant to manage the accounts and prepare the annual reports.

Alane keeps the Membership Director informed of any dues received via USPS, maintains financial records, and presents financial reports to the Board for planning purposes. She may assist in the development of additional social events to make the membership experience richer for members. Alane's 3-year Board term is through June 30, 2024.
Brian Firebaugh
Membership Chair

Brian Firebaugh

In our rapidly growing club, the Membership Chair manages all member registrations, renewals, and updates and sets up new members in CourtReserve.

Brian has been an active member of the Club since its beginning and has served on the executive board in various capacities several times. Brian and his wife, Anita, moved here in 2009 and were introduced to pickleball by a neighbor a month before the Pine Nursery courts opened. Brian balances his pickleball obsession with kayaking, camping, chess, and the oriental game of Go. His 3-year Board term is through June 30, 2024.
Court Utilization Chair

Craig Poole

The Court Utilization Chair is responsible for development and oversight of policy and implementation of all organized play including round robins and drop-in play. This position continuously monitors the utilization of courts. In the past, this person has also served as the Club’s Vice President.

Craig develops organizational calendars for round robin play and captains, establishes times and rules for challenge court play, manages the member skill-ratings process, develops additional winter-play facilities as appropriate, and coordinates with the Director of Training to ensure that unused court space is available during Club-managed hours to provide for additional skills-based training. Craig's 3-year Board term as Court Utilization Chair is through June 30, 2024.
Janet Davis
Director At Large | Director of Training & Development (interim)

Janet Davis

The T&D Director designs and implements in-house, skill-based training sessions, mentoring, and coaching programs; works with professional trainers to provide skill training opportunities to Club members; and assists members with the use of the ball machines and ensures they are in good working order.

The Director At Large assists with Club operations and develops and implements rating policies and practices. The Club President may assign this person to assist other Board members with specific projects.

Like many have said before, “If it wasn’t for pickleball, I wouldn’t have met you and you and you and you…. For Janet, pickleball is all about dinks, drops, drives, and no drama, all to keep both mentally and physically active.
Janet recently retired after 40 years of teaching and being a parent educator on both TV and radio. Now
her time is filled with pickleball, being a wife and mom, pickleball, caring for her 94-year-old dad, and well, pickleball. She knew the Board would be the perfect fit for getting connected to the Bend community. After all, to be dedicated to a project one must be passionate about the subject!
Larry Berk
Court Operations Director

Larry Berk

This officer manages the maintenance of all physical facilities under Club control at Pine Nursery Park. This includes day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, all physical setup, management of any upgrades, as well as setup, takedown, and final decisions over where temporary facilities should be placed during tournaments.

Larry was born, raised, and schooled in Southern California; he married his wife, Tricia in 2001. Having worked for Canon USA for 20 years, he left his position as Western Major Account Manager in 2015, retired, and they moved to Arizona. For 13 years, he was the school bus driver/trainer for Chandler USD. He and Tricia moved to Bend and have been members of Bend Pickleball Club since 2019. The desire to give back to the pickleball community prompted Larry to volunteer for a Board position. His 3-year term as Court Operations Director is through June 30, 2024.