Benefits of Becoming a Club Member

There are lots of benefits, as you will see below. But here is a big benefit: as a Club member you get priority access (by reservation) to 12 of the 16 courts at Pine Nursery Park . That benefit is available to you 6 days/week from 7:00am-2:00pm during the spring, summer and fall and 9:00am-3:00pm during the winter.

Note the Current Membership Cap – On September 7, 2021, the Board approved capping Club membership at 850 players. To achieve this goal, new membership has been suspended until numbers decline to this cap, and a waitlist protocol has been instituted (see Waitlist Me button below).

Dues are critical to supporting Club operations. Your board members are all volunteers, and with membership approaching 900, the responsibilities and expenses are significant.

Where does your money go and what benefits do you get?

  • Professional website management
  • Member database
  • State-of-the-art reservation system
  • Court maintenance equipment
  • Insurance ($10/person, included)
  • Name tags ($10/person, included)
  • Professional accounting firm fees
  • Internet access at the courts for tournaments and cameras
  • Club provided pickleballs for play
  • Free, or low-cost training
  • Free, or low-cost social events
  • Major tournament each year (come to play or watch the Pro’s!)
  • Discount at

So now you know the value of your dues and the benefits you receive. One more thing to consider is that you will be joining a club that needs you. We cannot provide all of this without generous donations of time from people like you. We are not a business, without volunteers, well, we would cease to exist. If you join (and we hope you do!), please consider volunteering some of your time to help the club too. Anyone can do it!

Training Clinics Coming Soon!