Skill Ratings FAQ

Club Rating Policy

The Bend Pickleball Club recognizes three skill rating types. They are:

  1. USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) Tournament Player Rating (UTPR)
  2. International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) rating
  3. A self-rating

For an explanation of these Club rating types see the description below under “Club Rating Types.”

A Club member may self-rate their skills up to the 2.5 level. Any rating above that level must be a UTPR or IPTPA rating.

A member may have both a UTPR and an IPTPA rating. If so, the member will be given the higher of the two ratings.

If a member has a UTPR rating and subsequently discontinues their membership in USAPA, the member’s rating will be dropped by one half level. That rating will become a permanent Club rating. The reason for this is that members with a current UTPR may have their ratings raised or lowered based on tournament play. The skill level of members who no longer have a UTPR are not adjusted in this same manner. Of course, any member may seek to increase their rating based on an IPTPA rating test.

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What is a Rating?

A player’s skill rating is a numeric value from 2.0 through 5.0 that classifies that player’s pickleball skills and abilities. The IPTPA’s Rating Skills Assessment provides a good explanation of the specific skills needed at each rating level up to 4.5.

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Why Do I Need a Rating?

Player ratings are used to group players by skill level so that players can compete in organized play and participate in clinics with other players of similar ability. This will improve a player’s chances of having more competitive and fun matches.

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Club Rating Types

UTPR:   USAPA Tournament Player Rating (UTPR) is assigned to the player by the USAPA based on performance in tournament play. Unless a member applies for and receives a higher IPTPA rating, a UTPR will be the basis of a Club member’s skill rating

IPTPA Rating: A rating determined by a Certified Rating Specialist following the IPTPA rating protocol. This rating is transferable to other pickleball clubs using this rating system.

To obtain an IPTPA rating, go to the IPTPA Players Steps to get an IPTPA Rating page. This page will guide you through the process and provide a link to the IPTPA membership application. Complete an application for membership including paying the fee to join. Since the Bend Pickleball Club is a member club of the IPTPA, Club members receive a $10 discount, so the fee is only $15.

Once you have become a member of the IPTPA, go to the IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist page and select a rater. They are listed by State. Contact the selected rater at the listed email address to schedule a rating session. When verification of your application and fee completion is received by the rater, you be will be able to schedule a rating session. Certified Rating Specialist’s charge a fee to conduct the skill rating assessment. In Bend, the Pickleball Zone Bend has certified rating specialists on staff. Most club members call the Pickleball Zone Bend to schedule an assessment.

Self-Rating: A new member may self-rate based on the player’s own assessment of his or her skills up to the 2.5 skill level. See these two links for the skills needed: Skill Level 2.0 and Skill Level 2.5

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Application of Ratings in Competition

From time to time the Club hosts USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments. A member with an IPTPA rating may compete in Club tournaments at one-half level lower than the member’s current IPTPA rating.

For in-house-only Club tournaments, round robins, and other events, members must compete at their rating in effect on the day of the event.

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Rating Changes

UTPR Player rating is based on player performance in sanctioned tournament play. The Club may from time-to-time check a member’s UTPR and adjust it up or down based on the member’s current UTPR.

IPTPA Player ratings are changed when the Ratings Chair receives official notification that a player has successfully completed an evaluation for a given skill level by an IPTPA Certified Rating Specialist.

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Rating Downgrade

A Club member may request a temporary or permanent downgrade in their current Club Skill Level Rating when injury, illness or declining physical ability may prevent safe play at current skill level. Submit your request to Include whether you seek a temporary or permanent downgrade. You will receive confirmation once your request has been processed.

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Rating Appeals

Appeals regarding a rating, including medical appeals, should be directed via email to the Rating Chair at  An Appeal email should include sufficient detail and contact information for the Chair to make a quick investigation into the matter.

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