Challenge Court play is a Bend Pickleball Club activity and is available only to Club members on designated Challenge Courts during Club-reserved hours. (See Playing Schedule.)

Challenge Court play is organized according to skill level and is conducted on a first come, first served basis. A “challenge” means that any pair of Club members of any skill level can give notice to play the winners of the current game. Notice is given both verbally and by hanging their paddles on the fence of that court. Refer to the current playing schedule to see skill level per court.

Rotation system for waiting players Waiting players put their paddles on the fence in the order they arrive; paddles should be grouped in “teams of two.” Players may not put their paddle ahead of someone else, but they can go back in the line if they prefer to play with someone arriving after them. Following each game, the pair of players who have played two consecutive games will rotate off the court and two waiting players rotate in.  If there is only one paddle on the fence, then one of the players who has played two consecutive games will rotate out to give the waiting player an opportunity to play.                                               

Once the current game has ended, there are two options:

  1. If the winning team wishes to play together as a team, they will play against the challengers.
  2. Alternatively, the winning team will split, and the challengers will split to match up with the original players.

Players getting together on the court should agree as to which option they prefer. Either way, winners must vacate the court after they have completed two games. This arrangement will prevent one team from continuously occupying limited facilities.

Games are played to 11 points, win by 2.  If there are waiting players, Challenge Court games will be won by the first team with 11 points.

If all Challenge Courts are busy with members waiting to play, a 4 players off/on policy will be in effect.