Club Rules and Guidelines

Club Policies

It is the policy of the Bend Pickleball Club (BPC) that during club play time the courts shall be available to club members only.

Players that are not members of the club may use the public courts (1-4) at Pine Nursery Park for play. The only exception to this policy are guests personally invited by club members.

Guest passes will be provided to club members with annual memberships, upon request. Each member will be provided up to two guest passes. These will be permanently issued, numbered, signed and laminated. They should be used for family and friends that are visiting and would like to play at our facilities. Members must not abuse the passes by giving them to people to use on a regular basis to avoid having to become a member.

If a club member provides an individual with one of their assigned guest passes, then the member needs to be at the Pine Nursery Courts at the same time as the guest. (Update: Current club COVID-19 precautions require that a member, must play on the same club court as their guest if they are playing during club playing times.) Members will be responsible for collecting their guest passes when a visitor will no longer play at the courts. A replacement guest pass will be issued for five (5) dollars each.

Contact Susan Dona at to request a guest pass.

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Badge Policy

All members must wear or have their club-provided name badge while playing at Pine Nursery Park. This helps everyone know that you are a current club member and discourages non-members from using the courts during the club’s hours. If you do not yet have your badge you can print one out from your profile page or do a screen print and save it to your phone. You need to show your badge to club officers or other club members if asked.

Members with visitor memberships (one month membership) will not receive a permanent name badge. As noted above, you can print one out from your profile page or save a copy on your smartphone.

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Music Policy

Playing loud music at the courts can be distracting to other club members. We ask that you moderate the volume of your music. Also, if you are asked by a club officer or other club member you should turn off your music device.

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Dress Policy

  • Tops/shirts are required.
  • Non-marking tennis or pickleball shoes are required
  • USA Pickleball approved paddles and pickleballs are preferred.

Not allowed:

  • No swimsuits, bathing suits, bikinis, speedos, or cut-off jeans.
  • No midriff exposing tops or tube tops.
  • No see-through clothing 
  • No tops that have deep side openings (8″ or more measured from the armpit).
  • No offensive, racist, sexist, or other inappropriate images or words on clothing.
  • No shoes that scuff or mark the courts. No hard-soled shoes. No sandals or flip-flops. No bare feet.
  • No tennis racquets.

The Bend Pickleball Club Board reserves the right to make final decisions regarding implementation and interpretation of this policy.

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Dog Policy

The Bend Parks and Recreation District has posted that no pets are allowed on the courts. We would like to go a bit further and ask that when members come to play and bring their pets to keep them on a short leash. Most of the pets we see are friendly, but when they are on a long leash they can wander into the walkway and their leash presents a tripping hazard to people passing by. Also, while your pet may be friendly, not all people and other dogs are happy to have them run out to greet them.

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Public Court Fair Use Policy

In the spirit of sharing this great pickleball resource, the Bend Parks and Recreation District has established a “fair use” policy regarding use of the public courts. When courts are all being used and no public courts are available, players may put their paddles up on a public court and announce that they would like to play on the court. The players on the court will have no more than 60 minutes to finish their play after the request is made and then will turn over the court to the waiting players. The players coming off the court may put their paddles up and let the new players know they would like to return to the court in 60 minutes. If other public courts are available, then players are encouraged to use those courts first.

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