Playing pickleball is great fun and can be done with a minimum of training. However, at some time you may want to refine your existing skills and/or learn new skills. The Club often sponsors training at a highly-discounted rate for our members.

For 2021, we are excited to rollout a new training program. As many of you may recall, in 2020, despite the COVID-10 pandemic, we provided training at the Pickleball Zone Bend (PZB), utilizing their excellent instructors. It was very popular. We are doing that again this year, plus we are offering training at Pine Nursery Park (PNP) through other instructors. All the training will be two-hour clinics with the Club subsidizing most of the cost. Attendees are asked to pay a nominal fee of $15 per clinic. Two hours of training for $15…. You can’t beat that! 

The PZB training includes two sessions for the 2.0/2.5, 3.0, and 4.0/4.5 skill levels, and three sessions for the 3.5 skill level. All sessions will be from 3:00pm – 5:00pm in the afternoon at the indoor PZB courts at 63040 NE 18th St., Bend. One of the 3.5 level sessions will be on Sunday, August 22,nd and the rest will be on Tuesdays in the months of June, July, and August.

The PNP training includes three clinics for 2.5 players wanting to move to the 3.0 level and three clinics for 3.0 players wanting to move to the 3.5 level. These clinics begin in July; we may schedule additional clinics if there is enough interest.

You will need to pay your fee at signup on CourtReserve. If you sign up for a training event, we ask that you not sign up for the next event until a couple of days before it starts. Hopefully, this will give the most members possible a chance to take advantage of this training.