Guest/Visitor Policy

It is the policy of the Bend Pickleball Club (“Club”) that during Club play time the courts shall be available to Club members only.

Players that are not members of the Club may use the public courts (1-4) at Pine Nursery Park for play. The only exception to this policy are guests personally invited by Club members.

Upon request, guest passes will be provided to Club members with annual memberships. Each member will be provided up to two guest passes which will be permanently issued, numbered, signed, and laminated. They should be used for visiting family and friends who would like to play at our facilities. Members must not abuse the passes by giving them to people to use on a regular basis to avoid having to become a member.

If a Club member provides one of their assigned guest passes to an individual, the member needs to be at the Pine Nursery Courts at the same time as the guest. (Update: Current Club COVID-19 precautions require that a member must play on the same court as their guest if they are playing during Club playing times.) Members will be responsible for collecting their guest passes when their visitor(s) will no longer play at the courts. A replacement guest pass will be issued for $5.00 each.

Contact Janet Davis at to request a guest pass.