Club Membership FAQ

Why should I join the Bend Pickleball Club (the "Club"), and what do I get for my membership?

First, the Club is full of great and friendly pickleball players. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?! Plus, the Bend Park & Recreation District owns the Pine Nursery Park pickleball courts and has provided the Club with exclusive access to 12 of the 16 courts, for 6 days/week, 7 hours/day. You must be a member to reserve a court to play on one of the 12 courts during the Club’s hours. There are many other benefits that you can see HERE.

Tell me about the Bend Pickleball Club membership options.

  • We have three types of memberships:  Single (1) – $90/year  |  Joint (2) – $175/year  |  Family (3) – $250/year.
  • Joining the Club gives you a 1-year “rolling” membership, meaning the 365-day membership period starts the day your payment is processed.
  • Visitor memberships are not available at this time.

How do I join the Bend Pickleball Club?

To apply for Club membership, click here.

I submitted my application and payment. How will I know that I am a member and can reserve a court?

      • Our Membership Chair will activate your membership and you will receive an email notification. However, you will need to create an account in CourtReserve or, if you already have a CourtReserve account, you will need to add the Bend Pickleball Club to your “My Organizations.”
      • When you do this, we will be notified. We then will activate your CourtReserve account, and you will be able to make reservations. Usually, this happens within a few days after you create your account, and you will receive an email alerting you. However, if you paid by check, it may take as long as three weeks for us to receive and process your check and for it to clear before we can activate you.
      • Please see our CourtReserve FAQ for more details.

How does my skill rating get set?

We have developed a Ratings page that you should read to learn all about ratings in the Club. There are six types of ratings we accept:

We accept IPTPA ratings established via testing by certified IPTPA testing specialists and CORE ratings by Central Oregon clubs participating in the CORE program. If there is an issue with the rating you have requested, we will contact you for clarification.

What are the Club’s playing hours at Pine Nursery Park?

          • April through October, Monday-Saturday, 7:00am-2:00pm.
          • November through March, Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-3:00pm.

What is the Club’s playing schedule?

          • Click HERE to view the playing schedule.

Can I reserve a court in advance?

          • Yes. Members can reserve courts 7 days in advance via CourtReserve. Of course, courts are always subject to availability.

Do I need a membership badge, and if so, when will I get it?

          • Once your membership is activated, a permanent name badge will be prepared for you.  This takes a few days to a week. You must wear your name badge any time you are using the Pine Nursery Park (PNP) pickleball courts during the Club’s playing time (Mon-Sat., 7:00am-2:00pm). 
          • Name badges will be available in the pickleball shed at Pine Nursery Park. The shed is kept locked, during organized play, however, on-site Captains and board members can unlock it.  Badges are located on a magnetic board inside the shed. If access to the shed is not available, your name badge may be mailed to you.
          • Until your name badge is available, you can print a copy of your badge from your Profile page. Or, you can display it digitally from your smart phone if you are asked about your membership.

Can members invite guests to play?

          • Unfortunately, no. Our large membership and long waitlist prohibit this option. Please review our Guest policy to learn the details.

How do I access and use CourtReserve to make reservations?

          • We have developed a CourtReserve FAQ that you should read to understand exactly how the system works. It is easy to use and works on computers, tablets, and phones.