Skill Level Play

Courts for skill level play are assigned to a specific skill level. It is a very flexible type of play–not structured like a round robin. You are not matched with a partner, you can create your own match-ups. Also, players may sit out as they choose. While flexible, there are some rules.

Sign-ups: You must sign up on CourtReserve to reserve a spot in the session.

Rotation system for waiting players: People play on a court and after a game is over they stay or leave the court as described below. Waiting players put their paddles on the fence in the order they arrive. People cannot put their paddle ahead of someone else, but they can go back in the line if they prefer to play with someone arriving after them. If players are waiting, games are played to 11, win by 1 .

Rules for rotating waiting players into a court after a game finishes:

  • People who play two times in a row must rotate out after completing the second game if players are waiting.
  • If four players are waiting, all losing and winning players rotate out.
  • If three players are waiting, both losing players and one winning player rotates out.
  • If two players are waiting, both losing players rotate out.
  • If one player is waiting, one of the losing players rotates out.
  • Winning players do not have to split for their second game. People on the court decide what they want to do.

Court assignments: All skill level courts are assigned to a specific skill level. If a player is not at that skill level, then they may not play on that court unless they are invited by the registered players for that court. For example, if there are two or three players at the correct skill level for a skill level court, then they may invite a higher or lower skill level player to join them to have a game of four people. However, if another registered player(s) at the skill level for that court arrives and puts their paddle on the fence, then one or more of the invited players shall leave the court after their game is finished.

Win by one point: Games are played to 11 points. If there are waiting players, skill level games are won by one point. If there are no waiting players, players may elect (prior to the end of the game) to win by either one or two points.