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Drop-in play observations and updates

By July 18, 2019 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

Hello members,

This message is from Bill (tall) Brown.

If you have not played in drop-in play or don’t plan to play in this new format, then you can probably ignore this message. This is for the players who have been playing at the courts over the last three days or who plan to play over the next week or so.

On Monday and today (Wednesday), I was at the courts nearly all of the day observing play and talking to the members

Initial observations:

From 7:30 am to 9 am there is very light playing pressure at the courts.
From 9 am to 11 am many people have been playing, which has caused some high demand situations.
From 11 am to 1:30 pm, many courts were available.
While there have been a few issues, most of the players have been positive regarding the new playing format.

Each day the turnout has been very good with many players using the courts. During the highest demand period (9 am -11 am) we have consistently found many courts with two members waiting to play and some with four or more members waiting to play. Also, some of our higher skill level players started playing on the public courts. While this is allowed, it has caused us to consider a revision to the allocation of courts to skill levels.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, July 18th) we will make the following court changes. Court 10 will change from the 3.5/4.0 skill level to a 4.0+ skill level court. Court 15 will change from a 3.0/3.5 skill level to 3.5/4.0. The signs on these courts will be updated in the morning to reflect the changes. This will help accommodate the very high demand we are seeing from the 4.0+ skill level members.

Also, starting tomorrow we will allow a four on/four off policy to rotate more players in during the highest demand periods. This will only apply if there are four paddles on the fence for waiting members (at the skill level for that court). If there are three paddles or less waiting, then a maximum of two players will rotate in after each game.

Generally, when deciding who leaves after a game, it should be the winners who stay and the losers who go. But in no case should players stay for more than two games if members are waiting to play.

Also, I want to remind players of a few key rules/policies:

The skill level listed on the court has the priority for that court.
Games are to 11 win by one. The only exception is if no players are waiting, then you may play to win by two points.
Put your paddles on the court fence where you want to play.
When members are waiting to play, guests may play one game and must sit two games.

I want to remind everyone this is a two-week trial. We are going to evaluate the results of the play and decide what play format will work the best after the August tournament. The BPC board is meeting in early August and we will decide the next steps for play on the courts.

You will see me on the courts again tomorrow. If you are there please provide me with any feedback you may have.