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Important! Start Time Change!

By June 13, 2016 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

The following went out to all club members via email on June 7 and is being reposted here because apparently a few people didn’t read it…

Effective Monday, June 13, all organized play start times will move up 1/2 hour due to the warmer weather. All CoedMXR sessions will start at 8:00am, and all Round Robin sessions will start at 10:00am.

You must be signed in and ready to play at 7:50am for CoedMXR sessions and 9:50am for Round Robin sessions. If you are late, YOU ARE OUT! Don’t be that guy/gal!!

Additionally, in order to better accomodate the demand for Friday a.m. play times, the 2.5M & 2.5W RR session (formerly Friday) has been moved to Thursday at 10:00am.

As always, thank you for your interest and support!

See you on the courts!