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Happy Memorial Day!  June is already upon us.   Club membership is at 614 and the courts are packed! The CUG is making plans to adjust schedules to get the most out of our allocated time. There are several clinics coming up, and some important changes to the Ratings procedure.   Read on!

Ratings: Overall we are very pleased with the way the rating procedure initiated by the club and Lisa Palcic has worked out. Despite some challenging weather conditions in May, Lisa and her team have rated almost 50 players in the first month. Players seem to appreciate the extra bonus drill they get at the beginning of the rating session as well as the feedback from a professional. In order to have one uniform rating system, we are making a change the way we  handle players who have achieved a 92% or higher scoring average in our Round Robins. We will offer the players who have achieved a 92% or higher scoring average over the last 25 games a free rating session with Lisa. If you qualify for this rating class, the club will pick up the entire $20 fee once per season.

Players below 92% scoring average, or any other member not playing in the Round Robin can sign up for Lisa’s rating class and the club, as in the past, will pay 50% of the fee once a season.

Club Ratings vs USAPA ratings:  Generally, USAPA ratings are a club members rating. The exception is where a club member has applied for a club rating that is higher than their USAPA rating. It is standing club policy that when a club member has a Bend Pickleball Club rating that is higher than their USAPA rating, the higher rating applies for participation in all club activities, including club sponsored tournaments.  Language has been added to the BPC Skill Level Ratings page to clear up any confusion that may exist in this area.

Upcoming Clinics

Sarah Ansboury Clinic, June 8 & 9 2016 (Clinic full)
Steve Paranto & Tony Tollenaar Clinics, July 26, 27, 28 2016 (Registration opens 7:00AM, June 1, 2016)
Advanced Boot Camp With Scott and Daniel Moore, August 8-10, 2016 (Registration open now.)

SEE CLINICS>PLAYER DEVELOPMENT at the BPC website for links to info on these clinics.

Upcoming Tournaments

Frontier Days Tournament, La Pine, July 1, 2, 3, 2016.

Oregon Senior Games, Bend,   June 10, 11, 12, 2016.

USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament: August 12, 13, 14.

More info and links on the BPC webpage under the Tournaments tab.

Organized Play Closure: There will be no organized play during the week of June 5 through June 11.   The courts will be open to all players.   The summer schedule will begin on June 13 and signups for the week of June 13 will begin on June 6

New Member Welcome:     The following new members joined us since April 23. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome to the Bend Pickleball Club!

Joerg Agin, Henry Armendariz, Marietta Bajer, Karen Bickler, Nancy Borcalli, Heidi Castleman, Donnie Castleman, Pamela Chaky, Penne Chapin-Zeigen, Karen Cochran, Donna Crandall, Terry Crandall, Maureen Farris, Ron Fishman, Mark Gimpl, Elizabeth Gimpl, John Grasso, Judy Hart, Dave Hogan, Sharon L. Hunt, Therese Madrigal, Bill McCann, Dolores McCann, Patricia McDonald, Brian McEachron, Annette McEachron, Peggy McMahon, Stanley Meyer, Diana Meyer, Kathleen Meyers, Denny Meyers, Joan Moyer, Leroy Neeley, Mark Olmstead, Karen Owings-Yoder, Patricia Pelham, Kate Porter, John Rich, Marsha Rich, Lori Roach, Rob Roach, Kent Sheridan, Linda Smith, Robert Stingle, Caren Stover, Brian Thill, Elizabeth Thill, Brian Tracy, Patricia Walz-Tracy, Nora Weed, and Cathy White.