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Mentor Program Update

By September 1, 2014 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

Hello to all Club members!

Is our Mentoring Program still going on? That’s the question I’ve heard from a number of people lately.   And the answer is a resounding YES!

We had a temporary stoppage of the program to accommodate the pre-tournament practice, the tournament itself, and then the Bob and Bev Youngren Clinic.  But now we’re getting back to work, focusing on our own individual improvement.

For the last part of our first summer season at Pine Nursery courts, we’re changing the schedule of the Mentoring sessions.  All sessions (by skill level) will be at 12:30 on a Tuesday or Thursday, except for one session on Monday at 7:30am for the 3.0 skill level.   Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler, we’ll eliminate the late afternoon sessions for the rest of the year.

Please continue to go to the Mentoring Program page of our website to refresh your understanding of the program, then click on the Sign-Up Genius icon at the bottom of the page to select the appropriate session and get yourself signed up.

There’s not much left of our summer season – this type of organized program is scheduled to finish for the 2014 season by October 15.  So take advantage of the playing tips available to you from our more experienced players while you can.

Have fun and keep learning!!

Irene Fraties

BPC Director of Training and Development