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September 2016 News

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General Meeting:  Please attend the General Meeting on September 8, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Senior Center, 1600 SE Reed Market Road.   Among the topics of interest that will be discussed:

New Board Member introductions.
Referee Certifications.
Summer Recap.
Winter Play for 2016-2017.
Future of indoor play in Bend.

Volunteer Wall of Fame:  Our recent tournament required the substantial efforts of over 100 club member volunteers, as well as a few non-members.  We want to thank all of you who contributed your time and talent to make this tournament a huge success.  You know who you are, and we want everyone else to know too.  We have created a page on the website thanking you all for your tremendous efforts.  The link is HERE and on the front page of the BPC website.

Proposed Board Member Changes:  Scott Moyer (Bio HERE) will be joining the Board as Vice President and Director of Communications.  We are excited to have Scott taking a leadership role in the club and he is excited to step up and take on that role.  AJ Fraties will be leaving the Board and Kirk Foster will become  President.  Irene Fraties (Player Development) and Werner Zehnder (Courts Use) have agreed to extend their terms to provide continuity of leadership in these critical roles. Proposed changes to be confirmed by members at the General Meeting.

Referee Certification:  The USAPA has created a Referee Certification program with standards aimed at developing professional level referees.  The certification process involves testing and observation of referees by USAPA Registered Trainers.  Each candidate must pay a fee to participate in the process.  The Board has approved a proposal whereby the Club will pay the participation fee for a limited number of club members who have volunteered substantial time to referee at BPC sponsored tournaments.

Lost & Found: Outdoor play at PNP is still going strong.  The Lost & Found boxes are FULL!  Please check these boxes for anything that may belong to you.  When we end summer operations at PNP, items in these boxes will be donated to a local charity.

3.0 Men RR:  Attendance at this session is dwindling and the mainstays are asking all 3.0 men to sign up and play!

Calcutta Tournament:  This tournament is set to go on September 10.  Invoices have been sent to all players.  If you signed up but have not received an invoice, check your SPAM folder.  If you still can’t find it, let us know right away.  If you received an invoice but have not paid it, please get it in right away!

Partners Clinics:  Lisa Palcic will be holding two Partners Clinics to help you and your partner become a better team.  Info and registration are on the Club SUG pages.

New Members:  Please join us in welcoming the new members who joined us during the month of August:  Joe Clark, David Costello, Dale DiRe, Jim Grove, Evelyn Nast, Janet Richman, Van Schoessler, Joe Slocum, Jacqueline Wilson, Pauline Wilson, and Colin Wilson,

See you on the courts!