Short Delay in Completion of the New Courts

By April 30, 2014 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

From: A. J. Fraties –

Hello to you all!  As you all are obviously aware just looking out the window, the weather in Bend is turning beautiful. That’s the good news, and I firmly expected that as of today (April 30), we would have contractors out working to finish the courts.

However, that isn’t happening just yet. Unbelievably, the day before the contractors were to show up, they folded their tent and went out of business. These are people who had been thoroughly checked out and were considered by BPRD to be completely qualified for this work, and we were excited to have them. Not to be….they’re gone.

This has nothing to do with your club or, really, with BPRD. They have a process for qualification that requires them to accept people making legal bids who are found to be qualified. This they certainly did.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that BPRD immediately got in touch with the person most experienced to do courts in this area, who has done well over 1,000 courts (including tennis courts), and he has a window of time supposedly available next week.

Weather permitting, he will start the work then. We will keep you apprised as to that status as this situation unfolds. My own personal experience with this guy is VERY good, but as we can see here, stuff happens.

Our interest here is to insure that you know we will communicate status as we have it, and that correct information is out to you. You deserve it!

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll continue to communicate about this as the situation continues to develop.

See you on the courts soon!