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Summer Play Countdown

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General Meeting:  There will be a General Meeting on Thursday, May 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Senior Center,  1600 SE Reed Market Rd, Bend.  We will fill you in on all of the latest details about club operations, answer questions, and listen to your thoughts and ideas.  Please plan to attend!

PNP Play: Organized play at PNP will begin the week of May 9.  Signups will be available online on May 2.  There is a link to the signup page on the front page of the BPC website.

Ratings:  Watch for a special announcement next week regarding changes to the Skill Level Assessment process.  With over 170 people anticipating ratings changes this summer, we are planning an early start with sessions scheduled weekly.

Paddle recall:  The following message was sent from the USAPA to all tournament directors.

To all Sanctioned Tournament Directors:

For the first time in a long time we have paddles from the field that are failing USAPA specifications.

The Pro-Lite “Apex Power” (also known as just Apex) is outside the specifications for roughness. The original paddles submitted passed but in production the manufacturer changed their painting process and these paddles do not pass. The manufacturer is starting a recall of these paddles.

This note has been added to the Table of Paddle Test Results on the USAPA website:

Note: These paddles are being recalled by the manufacturer. Some do not pass the roughness test that will become effective May 1st, 2016. (4-10-16)

Paddle drive:  John Sweeting, USAPA Regional Director, recently sent us the following request.

Ambassador Adrienne Barlow from Gig Harbor, WA., is asking for our help!  Please take a moment to review the two attachments providing information about her request for paddles at the Valor Games in Alameda, CA., June 3-6, 2016.  This is a very honorable and worthwhile  event demonstrating para pickleball to those who have given and are giving unselfishly of their service for our great country.   Let’s help Adrienne procure the sufficient number of paddles for those who need.   Another great opportunity for us to prove that our sport has the greatest people in the world as advocates.  As leaders and promoters you all continue to keep pb in the forefront of the sporting world.  THANKS!!!

Here is the link to the website for more information on how you may help out:

Upcoming Tournaments: 

Frontier Days Tournament, La Pine,  July 1, 2, 3, 2016.

Oregon Senior Games, Bend,  June 10, 11, 12, 2016.

USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament:  August 12, 13, 14.

More info and links on the BPC webpage under the Tournaments tab.

Referee Training:  Referees are desperately needed for the upcoming tournaments. Irene Fraties has scheduled a Referee Training and Certification clinic for May 10 and 11. There is still room available if you would like to help out. Here is the link to the signup:

New Members:  We would like to welcome the new members who joined since our last newsletter. Please join us in welcoming  Bill Brown, Deanna Caskey, Pamela Ferguson, Laura Fine, Ginny Gilbertson, Bill Greaver, Barbara Greaver, Lea Hart, Steven Jacobson, Tom Leach, Wendy Meeuwsen, Eric Meeuwsen, Mark Neffendorf, Robert ODonnell, Jan ODonnell, Francine Palm, Ray Taylor, Brigitte Taylor.

See you on the courts!