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Winter Play, Board of Directors Nominees

By September 27, 2017 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

The Winter Play 2017-2018 schedule is now available for your review.  You can see it HERE.

Along with the Winter Play schedule, there is an announcement on projected start dates, as well as special instructions for those who are planning to play.  You can see the announcement HERE.

The Board is pleased to announce the nomination of two candidates to fill the new Director-at-Large positions.  We would like to thank Bill “tall” Brown and Elena Horton for accepting nominations for these Directorships.  For more information on the candidates, please click on the links below.

BPC members will be asked to elect Bill and Elena to the Board at the October General Meeting, scheduled for October 24, 2017.

Bill “tall” Brown
Elena Horton