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Happy New Year!!

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We hope you had a blessed holiday season and are enjoying the best of life wherever you are! Here are some notes that may be of interest to you.

Webcam and weatherstation at PNP:

Thanks to the efforts of Mike Marentic, Perry Deutsch, Brian Firebaugh, and Terry Brown, a weather station and camera has been installed at Pine Nursery Park. There is still some tweaking being done to the system, but you can check out the results from the link on the front page of the Bend Pickleball Club website. Please give these guys a nod for their hard work on getting this going! A couple of notes about the picture: It is not a live feed. It only refreshes periodically. You may click on the image to enlarge it. The time display is GMT which is 8 hours ahead of Bend time. The image currently shows the walkway between the east and west court complexes. This view may be expanded or adjusted in the future subject to equipment limitations. The page has several hundred hits in the last two days, but most of them are Brian Firebaugh seeing if the snow melted yet. If you want to see some snow or just remind yourself of why you moved south for the winter, check the link.


Oregon Senior Games: June 10, 11, 12,2016. Signups are open now. Get the link from the club website under Tournaments>Upcoming Tournaments.

2016 USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional Big Country RV Bend Pickleball Tournament: August 12,13, 14 2016. Signups open now. Get the link from the club website under Tournaments>Upcoming Tournaments.

USAPA membership is now required for both tournaments.  You will have to join USAPA or renew a membership that expires before the tournament in order to complete your registration.

Member Directory and profile pictures: The member directory provides the ability for members to add a profile picture that will help other members put a name with a face. Several members have requested that we remind our membership that this underutilized feature is available. If you would like to add a profile picture to your membership, go to Members>Member Profile and log in. (If you can’t remember your password, click Forgot Password and a new password will be sent to your email.) Once you are logged in, click the Edit Profile button near the top of the page and then scroll down to the Profile Picture field and click the blue link.   You can now upload a picture from your computer. While you are in the Profile section, you can update your contact information, or change your password.

Indoor Play at B&GC:

Outdoor play in Central Oregon has been pretty much stymied by the winter weather but indoor play is going strong in Bend. Sessions are scheduled 7 days a week! Check the Sign Up Genius page for session dates and times.

Signup limits changed:   Signup limits for indoor play at Boys & Girls Club have been changed to allow for additional signups per member.   The new rule is:

“members may sign up for no more than 3 sessions in the next 7 days, not counting the current day. On the day of play a member may sign up for a “last minute” opening in their rating. That “last minute” session does not count as one of their 3 signups in the next 7 days.”

Captain sign ups do not count toward player sign up limits.

Hinder or Fault? If you have ever attempted a lob in one of the end courts at Boys & Girls Club, you know that the basketball hoops can come in to play, even when raised to their highest position. In past seasons, this was played as a “hinder” and the point was replayed.

Recently, there have been some disagreements as to whether the hoops constitute a hinder or a fault.   The USAPA Rulebook is very clear regarding faults:

Section 7 Faults: A fault is any action that stops play because of a rule violation. A fault will be declared for the following: (see list)

Rule 7.G: A ball in play strikes any permanent object before bouncing on the court. (revised April 1, 2011)

All well and good, but what is a “permanent object”? The rulebook is very clear here as well:

Section 3, Definitions

Rule 3.S. Permanent Object – Any object near the court or hanging over the court that interferes with the flight of the ball. Permanent objects include the ceiling, walls, fencing, lighting fixtures, net posts, the stands and seats for spectators, the referee, line judges, spectators (when in their recognized positions) and all other objects around and above the court. (revised July 1, 2013)

Just for the sake of argument, what is a hinder?

Rule 3.L. Hinder – Any element or occurrence that affects play. Examples: a stray ball that enters the court or people who disrupt play by walking across the court.

While the hoops are arguably an element or occurrence that affects play, there is no doubt that they are a permanent object within the USAPA definitions. Therefore, a player who attempts a high lob on the end courts does so at the risk of a fault should the ball strike anything as it travels. If it makes it through without touching anything, the ball remains in play. If it hits anything on the way, the player who hit the ball loses the rally.

Club Growth and New Members:

The club grew by 246 members during 2015! Current club membership is 545. We would like to welcome the new members who joined since our last newsletter. Please join us in welcoming Connie Axelrod, Celina Borden, James Borden, Kathy Cena, Stephanie Costello, Jerry Foxworth, Martha Kneuer, Dennis Maddelein, Susan McKnight, Margie Michalek, Jeffrey Mitchell, Alexandra Smith, Rebecca Taylor, Parry Thomas, and Jim Trench.

Have a great 2016 and we hope to see you on the courts!