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Paddle and Ball Rule Changes

By November 13, 2015 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

The USAPA has announced new rules regarding paddles and balls that will be of interest to anyone who plays or referees in USAPA Tournaments. Paddle and Ball Rule Changes

Here is the list of the approved balls. Those marked with an * are no longer allowed.

List of USAPA/IFP Approved Tournament Balls


Cosom Fun Ball (white, yellow, red, green)
Dura Fast 40 must be stamped “PICKLE-BALL” or not a Dura ball (yellow, white, orange)
Dura Fast 26 (Large Hole) Must be stamped “PICKLE-BALL” (white)
* Hangzhou Yihao – MNBALL (lime green)
* Jugs Bulldog (white, green)
* Mach-Z (white, yellow, red, green)
*Monarch: Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
* Monarch: Indoor Pickleball (yellow)
Onix Sports 503 (outdoor), (white, yellow, orange)
Onix Sports 505 (indoor) (white, green, red, blue)
* Onix Sports Pure Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
Pickleball Central TOP (yellow)
Pickleball HQ -The Villages (yellow)
* Pickleball Now “Indoor Ball” (green)
RiverStyks (green, pink, yellow, blue, purple)
TNT Outdoor Pickleball (yellow)
*Uniker Sport – Ace 40 (yellow) Note: Some of these balls have been observed to become out-of-round after moderate play time.
Wilson “Neon Fire”, “Hope” (red, yellow)

* Note: Effective 11/01/2015, the ball specifications changed (see IFP Rule 2.D). On 05/01/2016 any ball not meeting the new specifications will be removed from the list of approved balls. All ball manufacturers have been contacted and are aware of the new specifications. Current balls marked with an (*) in the above list will need to be modified in order to meet the current specifications and renamed accordingly.

Thanks to Tom Hart and Kevin English for bringing this to our attention!