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Brian Firebaugh is getting desperate. Indoor play is in full-swing and the weather this week has been as unpredictable as ever.         A few hardy souls are showing up at PNP and Ponderosa, but mostly Brian sits alone in his truck all day with a cardboard sign that says “please play with me.”

Brian has asked that the following be sent to the membership. You can tell he sounds a bit desperate.

The official pickleball season has ended with the first rumblings of winter. The snowbirds have flitted southward and the organized play at Pine Nursery has come to a close. For a large number of players, indoor play will be their focus until spring.

However, there are still many players who prefer outdoor play to indoor play and/or indoor players who will play outside when the weather is nice. If you are planning to play at Pine Nursery during the winter, this info is for you.

The BPC has added a “MeetUps” tab, on the SignUp Genius website: (

MeetUps is a simple calendar with hourly time slots that players can use to notify others of their availability. This is a convenience offered by the club to help players organize their outdoor playing times with other players during the winter.

If you are not familiar with SignUp Genius, the following link will explain all you need to know to get started:


You are certainly encouraged to use the MeetUps tab on Signup Genius. However, if all else fails, you can email the Czar when you looking for a game and we will try to connect you with other interested players.



I have an unofficial list of players who winter in Bend and prefer playing outdoors when possible. Last winter I would check the weather report in the evening and if it shows that the next day is playable (no precipitation or excess wind), I sent out an email blast to my list of players to see who might like to play. If I got enough responses to fill a court, I would confirm with a follow up email and the game would be set for the next day. If you would like to be on (or off) this email list, let me know. Again, if we all use the MeetUps tab on the SUG website, we won’t need to be sending emails back and forth and this would be the best case scenario.

Sessions with Simon and Assisted Play will be by appointment throughout the winter. Email me directly for Simon or mentoring. (

300 days of sunshine in Bend! Come outside and play! Winter is awesome!

The Czar

Indoor play is in full swing at B&GC. November schedule is available under the B&GC tab on SignUp Genius. We can have some additional play times during Thanksgiving week if we want them.

Assisted Play is scheduled for Saturdays from 12pm to 2pm. This is generally for 2.0 players who want to get to 2.5, but 2.5 players who want to get comfortable with the game before signing up for the regular sessions are also welcome. Assisted Play has it’s own tab on the SignUp Genius pages. We also need volunteers to lead assisted play!

Lost and found at PNP: Three jackets, two shirts, two pants, three sunglasses, one hat, five water bottles, one large thermos, one wrist band, four sun lotion tubes, one Trader Joe’s cool-Pak. These items will be donated to a local charity if not claimed by the end of November.         Get with Brian Firebaugh to check the bins.

Oregon Senior Games:         June 10-12
USAPA Pacific NW Regional Big Country RV August 12-14


We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following new members who joined since our last news letter:

Dan Ahern, John Armoskus, Jill Bazemore, Jennifer Boles, Wendell Boles, Natalie Bradford, Carole Colby, Di Crocker, Irene Cyr, Betsy Dickinson, David Dickson, Chris Ehlers-Hardie, Timothy Fleetham, Cathy Gulliford, Christy Hartman-DeCourcey , Jon Hirsh, Gordon Iverson, Fern James, Jim Johnson, Connie Johnson, Linda Lonergan, Rosemarie Maurer, Teri McKinnon, Louise McLarnon, Nancy Palermo, Reider Peterson, Michael Rosenfield, Ann Rosenfield, Barbara Sanguinetti, Peggy Spott, Paula Thomas, Petra Vernon, Lawrence White, Jim Woodbridge, Rebecca Woodbridge.


Thanks to all of our Volunteers who worked so hard to make  summer play, tournaments, and club events happen!  And thanks to all of you who have become part of the fastest growing sport in America!  Bend is a better place because of all of you!