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One Down, Five to Go

By November 28, 2016 January 9th, 2022 No Comments

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  The end of November means one winter month is in the books and only five remain until the Bend faithful are back in shorts and tees.

Indoor (Bend Hoops) Schedule Changes:  The indoor play schedule will change effective December 5.  The new schedule is available from a link on the SUG page.  Sessions have been moved around to improve (hopefully) access and fill slots.

The Courts Use Group (CUG) puts together the play schedule.  CUG members communicate regularly and meet frequently to assess needs and make adjustments.  The CUG maintains data from play history to make sure we are making the most of our allocated times.  The CUG also gathers feedback from players and Captains to meet the expectations of players and make efficient use of the courts.  Needless to say, this is a difficult process and almost always results in some kind of feedback, usually from unhappy players.  We need to hear from all of you to keep things going in a manner that meets your needs.  Please let your Captains know how you think things are going.  You may also communicate directly with CUG members:  Werner Zehnder, Linda Kallal, Mike LeRoy, Mike Mineni, LaVerda Gallagher, Scott Moyer, Kirk Foster, Christy Hunter, Barbara Hudin, and Nancy Pierce.  Emails are available through the Member Directory.

Cancels & No-Shows:  As you are probably aware, some sessions are in high demand and fill quickly.  Our SUG page gets a great deal of traffic from players who are looking for an opportunity to play and want to jump in on any cancellation.  Last minute cancellations are more difficult to fill as players usually give up and make other plans.  We do experience a high incidence of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.  Given the number of people involved, this is to be occasionally expected.  We get concerned, however, when a single person repeatedly cancels at the last minute or fails to show altogether.  Players who repeatedly sign up early and hold a spot until the last minute and then cancel or don’t show at all deprive other players of an opportunity to play and reduce needed revenue to the club.  The CUG has determined that players who are repeatedly making late cancellations or not showing up will be warned and then subject to having their SUG privileges suspended temporarily if the practice continues.  It is not a pleasant outcome for anyone involved, but we need to be courteous to our fellow club members.

Captains Needed:  Captains are essential to the smooth performance of our operations.  Captains manage the sign-in, collect fees, set the rotation, get the facility set up, manage the clock, and perform other tasks related to organized play.  We need players who can handle the responsibility to help us keep things running.   If you are interested in helping out or have questions, please contact Mike LeRoy.

Ratings Sessions:  There are two ratings sessions at LaPine Rec center: December 9 and January 17.  Check the SUG pages for availability as well as location information.

Pickleball Strategy Camp:  Lisa Palcic is presenting a camp at Bend Hoops in Bend on December 17th.  A flyer with sign-up instructions is available at the BPC website under Clinics.

Pickleball Zone:  Plans are moving forward for a new indoor pickleball facility. A website with details should be ready soon.  If you have questions or would like more information, contact Werner at

New Members: Please join us in welcoming the new members who joined us since our last newsletter:  John Augustyn, Teresa Baldwin, Nancy Beach, Sandra Bowman, Barry Bowman, Cary Collins, Margot Cougill, Deby DeWeese, Mary Fay, Ann Flanagan, Cindy Harrell, Larry Kierulff, Daisy Layman,  Steve Lucas, Thomas Martin, Tom Mountz, Lynn Nebus, Phyllis Pengelly, Leah Peterson, Lorraine Petrick, Nina Pfeiffer, Susan Reid, Joey Reiter, Gale Rietmann, Linda Schmitz, Kris Shelton, Andrea Sigetich, Robin Slocum, Connie Smith, Tim Smith, Heidi Thompson, Shannan Vines, Bill Wagner, Alison Wells, and Jessica Wright.